About Us


We are Brittany and Clint Boland! We met in 2007 through our church small group and started our relationship in 2008. We were married in 2013 and soon after started Discover Love Studios! We both grew up in Charlotte, NC and have decided to settle down in the lower Carolina state just over the border.

We are passionate about capturing moments you’ll want to relive throughout your life. When you look at a photograph of you or a loved one, we want you to be taken back to that exact moment and feel the emotion you felt the second that image was taken. Discover Love Studios aims to be solely committed to providing imagery and video that will be passed down by our clients for the rest of their lives. Our work should show the love that exists in your relationships and family, and will continue to represent that love even after you’ve left this earth. We will step up and defend your chance for these moments that will create a story for your family’s future generations.